Friday 17 February 2023

"Powering up" Canada's economy: The shift to electric cars

Global News on Youtube has the story.

Every day, more electric vehicles (EVs) are showing up on the road. The EV economy is built around solving some of the various problems, challenges and opportunities associated with electric cars.

This includes upending the entire idea of what it means to be an automotive service technician in the 21st century. These days, it’s all about integrating the "traditional" - oil, spare parts, fluids - with a "knowledge economy" built around computers, software and circuits.

Global's Kamyar Razavi reports on how Canadian entrepreneurs are tapping into the new economic opportunities springing up as a result.

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  1. The shift to electric cars is increasing as more time goes by in the world. Norway is aiming to become the first nation to end the sale of gasoline and diesel cars by 2025. Norway is already well on its way to reaching that goal, with electric vehicles accounting for 82 per cent of all vehicles sold in 2023.

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