Monday 15 January 2024

Pliosaur discovery on Jurassic Coast is 'very likely a new species'

New Scientist on Youtube has the story.

A team of fossil hunters, led by collector Steve Etches, has uncovered what is thought to be the most complete Jurassic pliosaur skull ever found.

Embedded high up on a cliff in Dorset, UK, Etches and his collaborator Chris Moore spent weeks suspended on the cliff face, digging out the fossil before winching it to safety. “This is the pinnacle, really, of the things that I've been involved with,” Etches told New Scientist. “All I want from that is more information. The science is the thing that draws me in,” he says. “What does it show you? What does it tell you?”

“It's very likely a new species,” says Judyth Sassoon, a leading expert on pliosaurs at the University of Bristol, UK.

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