Monday 23 October 2023

Canada says India has violated international law, Canada halts in-person services at consulates

Global News on Youtube has the story.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused the Indian government on Friday of violating international law through its threat to revoke diplomatic status of Canadian officials in that country, saying the move by New Delhi could have far reaching consequences.

His comments came after Canada pulled out 41 diplomats from the country as the tension between the two countries shows no sign of lightening.

As Sean Previl reports, the reduction in staff means consular access is also going to be more limited in the country.


  1. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized the Indian government for threatening to revoke diplomatic status from Canadian officials, calling it a violation of international law. Canada withdrew 41 diplomats amid escalating tensions. The reduction in staff will limit consular access in the country, raising concerns about the situation's consequences.

    1. Yes, that is a lot of diplomats to be withdrawing.

      More news from Nov 20, 2023:

      Indian officials held consular camps across six locations in Canada over the weekend amid significant police presence due to threats of disruption by pro-Khalistani elements.

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