Thursday 28 April 2022

Twitter tries to explain massive changes in follower numbers

CNBC Television on Youtube shows that CNBC's Shep Smith reports on fluctuations in follower numbers in some high-profile Twitter accounts. 

The Guardian writes: What better owner for Twitter than Elon Musk, master of the ill-advised tweet?

CNBC writes: Elon Musk will be the most indebted CEO in America if the Twitter deal goes through
Two-thirds of Elon Musk's financing for the $44 billion deal to take Twitter private will have to come out of his own pocket.

France 24 writes: Elon Musk's criticism of Twitter staff sparks backlash

The Washington Post: Elon Musk elevated criticism of Twitter executives

The New York Times: Opinion - Elon Musk Got Twitter Because He Gets Twitter

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